Dressage Rules
There are just a few rules which apply to all riders, so that we can continue to use this excellent facility. Richard and Jane ask that all droppings are removed from car parks and warming up areas. The steward will deal with the dressage arena. Gates must be kept shut , and hay nets should not be tied up outside boxes and lorries, horses should not be left un attended tied to a box or lorry at any time.

Tea and coffee are available - just help yourself and make a small donation to the air ambulance.

Competitions are run for DFRC members, however if there is space non members are welcome. There are just a few eligibility rules.

The walk/trot tests are restricted to partnerships that have not competed at novice level in any dressage competition, or placed 1st -3rd in any preliminary competition.

Junior and Senior members may compete at preliminary level till they have accumulated 35 points. Non members who win twice must then compete HC.

We award our club riders points. Six points for 1st place, five points for 2nd etc. If there are less than six club members in a class, points will be awarded accordingly.

Our year is divided into Winter (October - March)  and Summer (April - July). Points winners at each level will be awarded great trophies at our AGM in October .

We run our tests  according to BD rules using BD listed judges. We are friendly and encouraging, so new dressage riders do come and have a go. The arena will be open for ten minutes before each walk/trot test when you are welcome to walk round the arena on each rein to introduce your horse to the boards, markers, flowers etc.
The BRC rules can be found on the BHS website

If there is anything that we can help you with, what to wear, correct tack etc, please contact Mary Bradbury.

Last of all a word of thanks to all our stewards, scorers, and writers who help us run our monthly competitions. They are all Delamere Forest riding club members, fulfilling our duty day scheme, and we couldn’t manage without you.